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Video How-To: The Sculpzilla!

Video How-To: The Sculpzilla!

By: Tye Krueger  — 

The Sculpzilla is a favorite among streamer fisherman. The size and silhouette are a perfect match for sculpin and a lot of other baitfish.  Its trailing hook ensures a solid and safe connection to the fish. With its large conehead, this fly can be fished on a floating line, or our personal favorite, a 12ft sink tip line on your favorite 5 weight or larger rod. When fishing this pattern, try casting straight across or a little downstream, let the fly sink, then strip back in shorts, erratic strips. When you feel the grab, set the hook by giving your line a hard strip. This strip set ensures that if the fish has missed the fly, it is still in front of it. This also prevents you from pulling the fly from the fish’s mouth by lifting the rod. Tight lines!


Hook (trailer): OPST Swing Hook

Hook (body): Shank

Connection: 20lb Dacron Backing or similar

Body: Rabbit Strip

Underbody: Ice Dub

Collar: Guinea and Grizzly Soft Hackle

Head: X-Eyed Cone