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Video How To: The McChironomid

Video How To: The McChironomid

By: Tye Krueger  — 

Chironomids are a huge food source for trout in most lakes, especially here in Central Oregon. This pattern utilizes a transparent body material that when tied over white thread creates a pop and translucence seen in the real bug.  The ice dubbing collar is a strong alternative to peacock and delivers a little sparkle to get the fishes’ attention. Make sure this is in your lake box this season!

Hook: Firehole Sticks 316

Bead: White Dazzle Bead

Thread: Ultra 140 White

Body: Veevus Body Quill Claret

Rib: Ultra Wire Brassie

Collar: Ice Dub Black Peacock

Finish: Loon UV Resin Flow