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Video How To: The Faux Mayfly

Video How To: The Faux Mayfly

By: Tye Krueger  — 

With new materials coming out seemingly by the day, it allows fly tyers to experiment and create more durable fish catching flies! The Faux Mayfly is tied using Faux Bucktail, a material originally used for streamers. The synthetic, tapered material creates perfect tails for mayflies while the thicker portion allows for a gradually thicker body…. just like the real thing!

Hook: Firehole Sticks 609

Bead: Dazzle Beads Mottled Olive

Tail: Faux Bucktail 

Body: Faux Bucktail with one strand colored darker with marker

Thorax: Laser Dub

Wing Case: Scud Back coated with Loon UV Resin

Legs: Faux Bucktail