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Video How To: Intruder Fly

Video How To: Intruder Fly

By: Jeremiah Houle  — 




The Intruder fly has revolutionized winter steelheading and has brought an entire culture with it. The large profile stands out in dark winter water and elicits aggressive grabs from sometime lethargic steelhead. This video is a great platform, so change the colors and materials to you liking. I particularly love black and blue as well as pink and orange versions of this fly. Enjoy!

Tube: Pro Nano tube with large hook guide

Dubbing:  Senyo’s Fusion Dub 

Tail: MFC Ostrich

Rear Collar: Guinea

Body: Pearl Tinsel palmered with Saddle Hackle

Front Stage: Senyo’s Chromatic Brush with Marabou and aqua vail 

Flash: Flashabou

Front Collar: Schlappen

Weight: Brass Eyes (optional)