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McKenzie River

McKenzie River

Blue River to Leaburg

Starting from deep within the Lava Flows in the Cascade Range, this cold, gin-clear river cuts its way through ferns and towering evergreens. Wild rainbow trout are accompanied by hatchery rainbows which makes this a great river to turn fishing into catching!

Recommended Rigs


    • 9ft  4 - 6 weight fly rod
    • Large arbor reel with a strong drag
    • Rio Gold, Orvis Nymph, Orvis HD Trout
    • 9 ft tapered leader
    • 3x-5x Fluorocarbon and Nylon tippet

Required Licenses/Permits/Passes

(All available for purchase at CONFLUENCE FLY SHOP)
  • -Angling License required for any and all fishing

McKenzie River Regulations



Guide Report

July 16, 2018

Fishing is good on the Mckenzie mostly in the upper reaches (above Leaburg Dam). Dry fly fishing can be a lot of fun this time of the year with lots a eager rainbows looking up for Caddis, PMD's, and Little Yellow Sallies. Prospecting riffles, runs and boulder fields can be productive with any of these patterns depending on what is hatching the most. Dry-droppers can be effective, with a Stimulator or purple Chubby Chernobyl followed by a caddis pupa, Psycho Prince or Zebra Midge. Nymphing can also produce some of the bigger fish in the river with Stonefly Nymphs and Possie Buggers being a great lead fly with smaller Soft Hackles, Caddis Pupa, and Pheasant Tail type mayfly nymphs as droppers. Get your flies as close to the bottom as you can with a Fluorocarbon leader and a bit of split shot.



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