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Middle Deschutes River

Middle Deschutes River

Benham Falls to Lake Billy Chinook

Beginning at the base of Benham Falls, this section of the Deschutes travels north through the town of Bend, through Redmond, Terrebonne, and then all the way to Lake Billy Chinook. Anglers can expect to encounter everything from smooth meandering flows over sandy bottom, to rolling whitewater characteristic of steep elevation drops in this year ‘round fishery.  Increased irrigation needs and reduced flows make the summer months the most preferred time of year to fish the Middle Deschutes. Outside of the city limits, most river access requires a walk or hike into a small canyon.  However, a little exploring will generally reward you with wildlife, scenery, and hungry trout.


  • 9 – 10ft  4 - 6 weight fly rod
    • Large arbor reel with a strong drag
    • Rio Gold, Orvis Nymph, Orvis HD Trout, Rio InTouch Indicator
    • 7 ½ - 9 ft 3x-5x tapered leader
    • 3x-5x Fluorocarbon and Nylon tippet
  • 4 - 6 weight switch rod or trout Spey
    • Large arbor reel with a strong drag
    • Switch Chucker, Airflo Scout or OPST Commando Head
    • Sinking Poly leader
    • 0x-3x Fluorocarbon tippet

Required Licenses/Permits/Passes

(Available for purchase at CONFLUENCE FLY SHOP)
  • Angling License… required for any and all fishing

Middle Deschutes Regulations

Guide Report

July 15, 2018

The river below Bend is low and clear, but still fishable. Fishing smaller streamers during these conditions can produce some of the rare carnivorous Brown Trout that inhabit this area. Fish Conehead Buggers and Baitfish imitations during low light periods near structure like boulders and undercut banks. Dry fly fishing can be a lot of fun this time of year with Caddis and PMD's being the main bugs on the river. Prospect in the riffles, seams and eddies for risers. Fishing a beetle by itself can also produce fish if there aren't a lot of other bugs hatching, and foam beetles are buoyant enough to suspend a small attractor dropper underneath it as well. Try a caddis pupa as a dropper beneath a buoyant dry fly.




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