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East Lake

East Lake

Nestled in the Newberry Caldera at 6400 feet, East Lake has a rich history of fly fishing and for good reason. Two species of rainbow trout, brown trout and kokanee all call this lake home. Consistent hatches of callibaetis and chironomids make this lake a great place to cast a dry fly during the summer.

Recommended Rigs


    • 9 - 10ft 4 - 7 weight fly rod
    • Large arbor reel with a strong drag
    • Rio InTouch Camolux, Rio Gold, Orvis HD Trout
    • 9 - 12 ft tapered leader
    • 3x-6x Fluorocarbon and Nylon tippet

Required Licenses/Permits/Passes

(All available for purchase at CONFLUENCE FLY SHOP)

East Lake Regulations



Guide Report

November 7, 2018

East lake is fishing relatively well. Your best bet this time of year is a leech, Wooly Bugger, or other baitfish immitation on a stripped retrieve. Balanced leeches under an indicator can do the job as well. This time of year, the fish are likely in the shallows so a floating line is all you'll need. This is your last chance to fish here before it gets too snowy to get to the lake, so take advantage!



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