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Crane Prairie Reservoir

Crane Prairie Reservoir

Crane Prairie is a highly channelized reservoir with huge amounts of chironomids that help these rainbows reach their famed proportions. Strong hatches of damselflies during the summer supplement the chironomids.

Recommended Rigs


    • 9 - 10ft 4 - 7 weight fly rod
    • Large arbor reel with a strong drag
    • Rio InTouch Camolux, Rio Gold, Orvis HD Trout
    • 9 - 12 ft tapered leader
    • 3x-6x Fluorocarbon and Nylon tippet

Required Licenses/Permits/Passes

(All available for purchase at CONFLUENCE FLY SHOP)
  • -Angling License required for any and all fishing

Crane Prairie Regulations

Guide Report

July 16, 2018

Crane is experiencing a pretty serious algae bloom right now but fishing remains consistent in the old river channels. Balanced Leeches/Damsels under an indicator continue to be an excellent way to get into fish. Chironomids are a go-to as always, with red size 12-16 chironomids being the most consistent. Look for 13-18 feet of water with your indicator rigs and set your indicator depth at about a foot off the bottom. If the cast and sit method isn't doing the trick, try a slow finger crawl retrieve. Dry fly fishing can be good on Callibaetis with "crippled" patterns being the most effective during a heavy hatch. Ants can also be a good dry fly option if rises are sporadic. Slow stripping Damsels on intermediate lines with long fluorocarbon leaders can be a productive as well if they are keyed in on the nymphs. The Hula Damsel is our favorite!



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